Richardson Window Works offers scalable services to fit the needs of your windows and your budget.  


Full Restoration

  • Window sash are removed from their opening (all work is done from the inside) and taken to our workshop. While your windows are out, your storm windows are protecting your house from the elements. If you don’t have storm windows, we have other options.
  • We strip all glazing from the window, remove the glass panes, and then strip the remaining paint.
  • The sash are checked for any rot or weakness. We strengthen the joints, and replace any severely rotted pieces.
  • The reassembly process then begins by re-setting the glass, replacing any broken panes with new or antique glass as the customer requests, then priming and painting both the interior and the exterior of the sash.
  • We reinstall the sash, replacing any broken or weak sash cords with cord or chain, install weather stripping, replace sash locks or other mechanisms, and so restore the window to fully operational condition.


  • Same as Tune Up, with the addition of scuffing, priming and painting the exterior of the window. Painting will prolong the life of the glazing putty, so it’s a good idea to have a window painted after glazing. In order to control the painting environment we prefer to remove the windows to our workshop, usually for about a week. Work is priced per window.
  • We are happy to work with property owners to customize a project. For example, if you want to reduce the cost and paint the windows while they are out we can schedule accordingly. Or, if you want to bring windows to our workshop that will save costs as well.

Tune Up

  • Typically this work is done on site and involves replacing broken sash cords with cord or chain, chipping out loose or failing glazing and patching in new glazing, and installing weather stripping. We replace broken panes as needed. Work is priced per window.