Resilient Original Wood Windows

Original wood windows are resilient and downright defiant of mother nature.

To date, the replacement window industry has yet to create a window that can outlast your original wood windows. Sure replacement windows come with a lifetime warranty. That doesn't mean the window will last the lifetime of your home just that it is warrantied during the life cycle of their window.

Wait what?

A vinyl replacement window has a life cycle of around ten years. So for the next 100 years, your home will need ten replacement vinyl windows per opening. If you have for example 20 windows, that means in the next 100 years your home will require 200 replacement windows. Even if you only own the home for ten years, you will still be responsible for 200 replacement windows added to landfills.

Ok, rant over.

Now the original wood window pictured has been in service since 1905. Sure it hasn't seen maintenance since the Truman Administration, but the window frame was completely solid. The sash required new paint and glazing and back in service for another 112 years.

Don't judge your windows on appearance only. Give Richardson Window Works a call for a free consultation. If you're feeling ambitious and want to do all or part of the work we will help you get there.

Together let's save original wood windows one window at a time.

James Richardson